Market research

Market research If you are planning to conduct market research, we encourage you to benefit from our expert support and research results interpretation.

The research can have the form of:

  • qualitative and quantitative studies,
  • traditional, telephone, and online surveys,
  • retail and corporate clients market analyses, simulations, and focus or expert studies.

Market research support includes

  • verifying the methodology planned by the client and suggesting alternative solutions,
  • preparing questionnaires and supervising the whole survey,
  • collecting source data (usually in the form of interviews) locally or on the Internet. In this case, we select a research centre and negotiate the conditions of cooperation.
  • controlling the quality of survey results and interpreting the data,
  • compiling survey results in the form of a presentation and/or report for the commissioning institution,
  • promoting survey results in the media (when a part of the strategy).

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