Contactless cards – Global 2009

The Global Contactless Payment Cards Market

Research report, January 2009

The Report prepared by POLASIK Research is a unique publication concerning contactless payment cards in the world. According to the Report, the application of RFID technology in payment systems is extremely prospective, examples of which include the dynamic development of this market in Asia and Europe and numerous pilot projects implemented in Europe. The Report also contains a comprehensive description of the newly emerging markets of contactless payments. Moreover, the Report explains the benefits of using contactless cards by card issuers, retail chains, and clients, and discusses the future of contactless payments.


Report brochure in PDF (Polish) >>


The Report includes:

  • is 57 pages long (a two-column text),
  • contains 10 charts and figures, as well as 5 tables,
  • describes 6 case studies of the implementation of contactless payments and presents interview with 8 experts,
  • presents unpublished data concerning the number of contactless cards and terminals in the world. The data collection was commissioned by IDTechEx.
  • is based on several research reports as well as numerous articles and primary sources, such as information from market participants, including large international corporations.


The Report is addressed to:

  • commercial and cooperative banks,
  • acquirers and card organizations,
  • supermarkets and other retail chains,
  • academic centres,
  • public transport companies and local governments.


Report price:

The Report is sold on the basis of three licence types:

  • Single User licence - This licence permits 1 user to access to the Report - price 100 EUR net*
  • Institutional licence - This licence permits 20 users from the purchasing institution to access to the Report - 250 EUR net*
  • Partner licence - This licence permits 50 users from the purchasing institution and a total of 100 users representing its partners (a maximum of 50 entities) to access to the Report - price is negotiable.

* The value of the order is a net value which should be increased by the VAT if the purchaser is a VAT payer.